Neha kakkar Live Concert – Patrons & Donors Incentive

Neha kakkar Live Concert - Patrons & Donors Incentive

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Niagara Diwali Fireworks was introduced in 2017 and now it’s an annual feature on the last weekend of October. DRZMZ Fireworks – Niagara Falls is the only officially recognized Diwali Fireworks in Canada with the support of Niagara Parks Commission and city of Niagara Falls.

In 2019 a day-long festival with Dandiya and a musical performance by legendary Nitin Mukesh was attended and enjoyed by thousands of attendees. The majestic Niagara Falls provided an excellent backdrop for the digital lights show with musical & dance performances including food vendors complemented and completed the the festive experience with lifetime memories. Free bus rides for seniors and children from several GTA locations was also provided by ICAC.

The 2020 festival was a virtual & online experience with a lineup of glamorous & prolific live performances to name a few:

Kabir Cafe, reciting the poetry of Saint Kabir in-fusion of Sufi & Rock music.
Kumar Sharma’s Kathak Rockers is a unique foot-tapping fusion of Kathak & Bhangra.
Digital symphony fireworks were virtually animated over the majestic falls and reached over million viewership across the world.

Virtual Symphony Fireworks @ Niagara Falls

2020, in Niagara falls, Ontario, the highlight of the Diwali festival was the virtual symphony fireworks. The Diwali RazzMatazz Niagara Falls virtual fireworks program was funded in part by the Ontario provincial government through its Celebrate Ontario funding program.

Diwali Wishes




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