Diwalicious A Diwali Food Festival


Welcome to the world of DIWALICIOUS Food Fiesta.

It is well known that a passage to a humans heart runs through the stomach!!! 

FOOD makes a party and completes the Celebrations…

DIWALICIOUS is celebration of festive food fiestas with its authentic flavours and preparations. It is customary to exchange traditional food recipes with mouth watering taste and tempting presentation, packed in attractive gift boxes during Diwali festivities. 

The secret recipes are preserved and inherited over generations around the world and are also key to some major business empires across the world.

DIWALICIOUS unveils the FOOD LOVER in a common man

CHAPPANBHOG is a long performed Diwali ritual whereby more than 56 auspicious dishes are offered with purity and divinity to deities. 

DIWALICIOUS FOOD COURT Since 2014 Diwalicious festive food court had been a regular feature at the annual Diwali RazzMatazz festival at Mississauga and all other festival locations.

Diwalicious is an array of various fun-filled competitions open for participation to all. 

Recipe Challenge aims to bring a competitive edge among the food brands and participating restaurants to promote special offers and recipes to be voted by the food lovers. Many accolades along with cash prizes are to be won.

Cook Off Competition is designed for home cooks to submit their recipes with supplied secret ingredients to be judged by celebrity chefs and industry experts. The selected finalists would be invited for either a virtual or live cook off competition.

Bon Appetit Challenge would be an open challenge to eat different kind of traditional foods during the Diwali festivities.

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